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Our mission is to uncover true potential of inspiring brands, enabling them to reach and benefit more people through their products and services.

Our vision is to be the most sought-after branding agency in Asia.

Founding values defining us:


We are credible and transparent


We invest in talents for constant growth


We leverage on technology in the new age of business


We recognise and reward


We achieve more with less


We value diversity and foster teamwork

Uncover the True Potential of Your Brand

About Us

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Rabbit was founded in 2006. Devising effective branding strategies for businesses, bringing their brand to greater heights. Our successes in helping companies achieve prominence in their industry have resulted in a significant growth rate for Rabbit.

Our branding solutions guide customers through the entire process, from conceptualisation right down to execution. Every analysis, strategy, design and result we produce for our clients is a reflection of the passion and experience that our team puts into their work.

In short, we don’t just uncover the hidden potential in your brand, we emblazon it.


Some businesses have products and services that provide immense value to potential customers. In most cases however, this value is not recognised at first glance. This mismatch between value and branding is what we help businesses resolve, and this is how we do it:

We know a brand can only be improved if it is understood, and that is where auditing comes in. In this aspect, we will analyse the branding strategy, as well as brand purpose, values and what the brand stands for. Only after that do we cater a solution for your brand’s needs.

  • Analysis of existing brand identity
  • Profiling of target audiences’ response and behaviour
  • Researching of market trends
  • Identifying opportunities for positioning

The key to successful branding is having a step-by-step plan that is measurable and effective. This is only possible after intensive research has been done on areas like target audience behaviour, market trends and competitors’ profiles.

  • Uncover vantage points of branding
  • Identify branding opportunities
  • Develop brand positioning options
  • Crafting action timeline for various aspects

A major factor that decides how potential clients view your brand is aesthetics. Design for elements like your logo, website, marketing collaterals and stationery help create a good first impression, and that’s why we place so much focus on it.

  • Design brand identity and messaging
  • Brand naming and taglines
  • Online and offline design
  • Print and communication design

After the research and design, comes implementation, a step that requires participation from every level within the organisation. This is done through the use of manuals, guidelines and branding workshops. The key here is aligning business and branding.

  • Manuals and briefings
  • Internal workshops
  • Marketing plans
  • Brand launch plan

We believe that what gets measured gets done, and establishing brand prominence is no exception. We help your business manage targets and track the success of your latest branding solutions, followed by reviews and recommended actions.

  • Define targets
  • Track results of branding solution
  • Compile and report key statistics
  • Review and follow-up




Brand Touchpoints

The Experiences

John Chen Online Experience
BASF Information Graphic

Ultimate Reward

Rabbit’s concept for our brand identity is clever and impactful. I’m super comfortable that it feels contemporary and even, quite hip.

David Black, Managing Director, Blackbox Research

A team of high performers who produce great creatives and advices that help clients achieve their ideal results.

Felicia Foo, Marketing Manager, Ideology Concept Pte Ltd

Impressive portfolios, excellent work and absolutely good value!

Jeonghwa Ryu, Chief Financial Officer, WATATAWA

I have been working with Rabbit on several strategic project referrals and I have received great comments from my partners about Rabbit’s work. They are extremely detail-oriented and very well-versed in the industry they are in. Highly recommended for branding and design projects.

Sebastian Kae, Head of Operations and Sales, travelmob Pte Ltd

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